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Heat treatments


Vacuum brazing is a method for joining together two or more metals by fusing them with a filler material, the braze.

A vacuum furnace offers extremely precise brazing temperature control without over-shoot. It should be noted that the oxidation and corrosion resistance of the alloy is no longer an issue in the vacuum furnace. This approach enables us to obtain perfectly brazed joints without the need for secondary processing.

When alloys are used instead of a pure metal in a vacuum furnace, they do not contain flux: there is thus no need to mechanically remove the flux deposit and the resulting joint is perfectly clean.
Brazing is used to join parts made of different materials, and to assemble/repair steel or nickel/cobalt superalloy parts (such as Hastelloy, Inconel etc).

Brazing demands special competencies in the areas of:

  • careful preparation of the part (it must be perfectly clean)
  • selection of the paste best suited to the application and material
  • calibration of the amount of braze in relation to the gap to be filled (this is done with electronic dispensers)
  • proper thermal cycle control under vacuum in clean equipment

Applications include parts for the aerospace and automotive industries/strong>, parts for land-based turbines and electronic equipment.

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