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Established in 1975 at Trezzano sul Naviglio, Vacuum is one of the first Italian companies to have adopted vacuum technology for heat treatment.

In over forty years of work, we have refined our production processes for maximum efficiency and reliability, to become the point of reference for the industry.


Our head offices currently occupy 3.000 m² of production area under cover, with an installed capacity of 3.600 KW and over 6.000.000 KWh/year employed to assure over 7500h/y of continuous operation.

With 21 advanced technlogy systems and cutting-edge production processes we guarantee unbeatable quality and flexibility in processing batches and materials in a wide range of sizes, from small parts to large components.


Vacuum is part of the Härtha group a network of highly specialized companies with operations in complementary industries, and can therefore offer the client full spectrum, advanced service for even the most challenging applications.

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